The HK Toolshop

Everything you need to develop your unique packaging

Our proprietary toolshop carries out a dual function at our firm. First and foremost, it is the starting place for all of our standard lines. Our designers and technicians come up with new concepts that are then passed on to our engineers to make them a reality. From there, standard moulds are used for full product runs that are then decorated and rendered unique. The tooling department also creates moulds for our customers seeking bespoke solutions, creating the right mould for the appropriate transformation process. Each customer enjoys full ownership of their moulds though we provide housing facilities and the ability to engage in a run with very little lead time.

Advantages of using our toolshop:

Guidance on which transformation technology is best for your product's packaging

Full assistance with defining tool layout and configuration

Optimized costing

Tool supplier performance management

Mould and fixture delivery should manufacturing be required at another location

Qualifying tools for production

Comprehensive in situ tool maintenance services

Lightning fast reaction times to tool repair requests

Complete tool adaptation and modification for integration into existing lines