Committed to efficient and responsible energy usage

This policy is taken directly from our standard operating manual, it is one of our core tenets. Energy plays an important role in HK strategic planning. Responsible energy treatment ensures cost effectiveness and meets corporate responsibility requirements to help improve our society.

The HK Energy Policy

HK Cosmetic Packaging is fully committed to increasing efficient energy use and procurement, thereby optimizing our energy performance in a continuous improvement process. To implement this goal, we have introduced an energy management system according to the ISO 50001 standard. This policy considers the planned development of our Coburg site. We ensure that the essential requirements of this standard are correctly implemented and that the processes within this energy management system are continuously improved.
Our strategic goal when we launched the program was to reduce our energy requirements by 5% over 5 years starting in 2013.
Our energy expenditure was to be lowered in the long term and we agreed to review it annually.

Download Certificate EMS_50001-2011 here.

Bavarian Environmental Protection Pact

By entering into the Umweltpakt Bayern (Bavarian Environmental Protection Pact), we have accepted the responsibility of playing an active role in avoiding impacting the environment negatively. The Umweltpakt Bayern is an agreement made between the Bavarian Federal State Government and the Bavarian economic community to increase protection of the environment.

Working within the Umweltpakt means that partners commit themselves to saving resources and using environmentally sensitive technology, with the goal of achieving environmentally synchronous growth.

Umweltpakt Bayern

HK is always vigilant

We regularly check that:

  • the necessary financial and structural conditions are met
  • we integrate all employees working for the organization into the implementation and execution of the energy management system and clearly define responsibilities
  • relevant legal obligations and other requirements are considered
  • there is a regular evaluation of energy efficiency, energy use, and energy consumption
  • energy efficiency programs are correctly imported and exported provided that their economic and technical viability is demonstrated
  • we purchase energy-efficient products and services that contribute to improving energy performance, provided that their economic and technical viability is demonstrated
  • the results are measured and verified through a regular audit

  • Download Certificate 9001 here

    German Association of Plastics Converters

    As an umbrella organisation bringing together the member organisations AVK, FSK, IK, pro‐K and TecPart, the GKV represents a large section of the plastics converting industry in Germany. The member companies are committed to their social responsibility within the framework of their entrepreneurial activity (Corporate Social Responsibility).

    The GKV code of conduct (CoC) is a voluntary agreement, through which member companies wish to guarantee particularly the observance of global demands on ethical and moral actions as well as the standards of proper conduct in the areas of competition and antitrust law (compliance). This
    also means promoting fair and sustainable standards dealing with suppliers and customers as well as own company personnel.

    A complete overview of the GKV Code of Conduct can be found at www.gkv.de/en.

    GKV Code of Conduct


    HK Cosmetic Packaging wurde vom internationalen Rating-Standard EcoVadis mit der Silber-Medaille ausgezeichnet. Damit gehört unser Unternehmen zu den besten 25 Prozent der bewerteten Unternehmen weltweit.

    Was ist EcoVadis?

    EcoVadis wird weltweit als der beste Anbieter von Nachhaltigkeitsratings für Unternehmen geschätzt. Basierend auf 7 Grundprinzipien bietet die EcoVadis-Bewertung einen klaren Leitfaden, wie gut ein Unternehmen CSR- und Nachhaltigkeitsprinzipien in sein Geschäft integriert hat.

    Der Nachhaltigkeits-Score wird anhand von 21 Leistungsindikatoren berechnet, die in die vier Themenbereiche Umwelt, Arbeit und Menschenrechte, Ethik und nachhaltige Beschaffung gegliedert sind, und bietet eine unabhängige Bewertung, die die Leistung eines Unternehmens mit derjenigen der Branche vergleicht. EcoVadis bietet auch einen Aktionsplan, der Verbesserungen überprüft.

    Sie können das Zertifikat als PDF-Datei hier herunterladen