Our expertise is based on experience

We offer our customers numerous value-added services that help them with their businesses. Whether you're looking for full project management, require assistance with setting up your supply chain services, or need custom tooling for your packaging project, we can provide you with what you need.

Packaging Consultancy

Work with our packaging consultants to find the best possible solution and support your decision making. Our primary goal is to make sure that you receive the best packaging for your product. Our consultants are located worldwide and strive to:

  • Fully understand your objectives and requirements
  • Support you with market intelligence
  • Know and share technical possibilities
  • Match requirements with possibilities
  • Selection of materials and manufacturing technologies
  • Provide pricing, commercial terms and conditions

  • Our consultants have excellent knowledge of our extensive portfolio of products and services. They act as your single point of contact for any requirement.

    Project Management

    Project management helps you run your project effectively.

    Our project managers:

    • Agree upon the actual scope of the project with you
    • Manage the timeline
    • Steer the project's human and physical resources
    • Provide you with required technical and market knowledge
    • Apply proven project management methodologies qnd tools
    • Ensure structured, real time communication
    • Apply risk minimization methodologies (FMEA)

      We use a variety of online communication tools for collaboration and state of the are digital project management systems.

    We deliver the project within your desired time line and budget, providing a fully qualified product without consumer risk.

    Packaging Design

    Our packaging designers develop appealing designs for standard products and custom solutions by:

  • Providing design ideas and options
  • Optimizing designs for manufacturability, cost, component re-use
  • Generating CAD drawings
  • Validating mould/tool layout
  • Arranging physical prototypes (3D printed or lathed)
  • Tooling

    We have our own tool shop where we develop custom moulds, as well as our own standard product machinery. Custom moulds are the direct property of our customers, housed by our team and ready for runs. Our tooling department offers:

  • Tool technology selection
  • Custom mould manufacturing in our tool shop
  • Complete mould flow analysis
  • Tool layout and configuration
  • Optimized costing
  • Tool supplier performance management
  • Mould and fixture delivery
  • Tool qualification for production
  • Tool maintenance, adaptation, modification, and refurbishment

  • The tooling team provides the best qualified tool for the purpose, in-budget and on-time for mass production.

    Supply Chain Management

    We perform state of the art supply chain management. This is driven by expert staff, cutting edge technology using SAP-ERP, and effective processes:

    Quality Management

    Our management system ensures a consistently high level of quality. Quality management (QM) sets the objectives to be achieved according to ISO 9001:2015 standards.

    Our quality assurance (QA) efforts ensure that our products achieve the quality levels defined by QM.

    Specific QA steps include:

    Internal Quality Control (IQC)
    In Process Quality Control (IPQC)
    Outgoing Quality Control (OQC)

    We also have a full lab that supports QA and new product introduction with advanced testing and analyses. Our quality efforts are dedicated to ensuring levels defined by current standards and client requirements are set then met.