Rebhan - Change of the Management Board at Rebhan Opakowania sp. z o.o.



Change of the Management Board at Rebhan Opakowania sp. z o.o.

01 December 2021


Starting from 01 of December 2021, the Rebhan Opakowania’s management has changed. The former Managing Director- Ph. D. Maciej Stranz -who has been in charge for over 27 years gave his place to Dariusz Orszyński – Production Manager who joined the company in 2016.

Taking a chance, we asked Mr Orszyński a few questions:

•    What is the first thing you want to achieve as a new CEO?

-By taking over the position of CEO from Mr. Maciej, I want to continue the company’s stable operations.

•    What is going to change in Rebhan Opakowania?

-Changes in Rebhan Opakowania will result from changes in trends on the plastic packaging market. I think it will be necessary to implement new project that will require new raw materials, new machine tooling, as well as new machines.

•   What is the biggest challenge you expect to face in 2022?

-I think that next year’s biggest challenge will be to take action to counteract the impact of galloping inflation, rising prices of raw materials and electricity on production costs.

•    What do you do in your free time?

-I listen to music whenever I have free time. I like going to concerts and theater. In winter I go skiing, and in the summer I go canoeing, both tourist and sport (I practiced this sport in my youth).


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