Case Study Parapharmaceutical




Aflofarm, a market leader in pharmaceuticals and dietary supplements, turned to us to request a piece of packaging for and oral hygiene preparation. The product was in liquid form and wanted to launch it on the market along with a targeted campaign. The client decided on an innovative solution - they wanted the product to be dispensed as a foam, with the product having an expected capacity of 50ml.It was designed to appeal mainly to travelling consumers, hence the need for a more convenient form of application and a small capacity. The packaging also had to be approved for contact with food.


Working closely with the customer we sifted through our existing product offering and pre-selected a round 50ml bottle with an effective and consistent foam dispenser. Tests at the customer lab went on for many months to ensure that our proposed solution was the best possible packaging for their product and that in conformed to their strict requirements. During this testing phase, the customer received several batches of designs. Further, the minutely detailed documentation provided to the client was analyzed and reviewed. Testing and documentation verification turned out to be more than favourable.


After thorough testing, the customer decided to trust us and engage our services. The time it took from first contact to receipt of the order was almost exactly one year. In the end, a new and innovative product appeared on the market in our packaging. The introduction of the product was supported by a TV campaign and other media channels. Now it is extremely important for us to continue working with our client, a leading company in its market segment.