Case Study Housewares




A customer wanted to market an existing product in a new and more contemporary piece of packaging. Originally, they were working on a line filling 750ml bottles, and wanted to switch to a smaller 500ml item made of PP using ISBM as the manufacturing process. Size changes require heavy recalibration of machinery. The customer was also reticent to trust in manufacturing professionals, their previous supplier had given them a poor experience. The specific type and grade of PP being used was, at the time, new to Rebhan. The project also had to include challenging print decoration, complete assembly of disparate components to create the full packaging solution, and logistic coordination of parts from China and Switzerland for assembly in-house. To top it off, the project was to be kept secret, as the print images were part of a launch for a major international content provider and had to sync with their marketing campaigns.


The customer visited our facilities and was impressed by our professionalism and operations. We showed them previous ISBM projects for major brands as well as references for screen printing so they could evaluate the quality of our work. We had excellent communication with component suppliers as well as toolmakers in the UK. Assembly was arranged in a re-activated building that was kept separate from day to day operations to improve project secrecy and reduce the risk of intellectual property filtration. By continuously optimizing production and working hand in hand with the customer, we managed to take the project to the required level of comfort for the client.


We maintained excellent and open communication with the customer at every stage. We facilitated contact between the customer, toolmakers, and our team at every turn. We have thus far developed five new tools/projects with the same client and will continue to do so in future, based on a relationship founded on trust, proper organization, and high-quality results. We managed to acquire the full trust of the client, and are now perceived as not merely bottle manufacturers, we are also their first choice for decoration and assembly as a complete supplier. Initially, this was never intended, but we managed to foster the relationship through communication and customer care.