Case Study Chemicals




The customer came to us from a little-known segment of the chemistry industry, specializing in nutrition and animal feed. The expected form of the product was a powder and its purpose was to feed poultry. the customer needed the feed to be easy to dispense while ensuring batch freshness. In addition, the packaging was supposed to in contact with the feed. The required capacity was approximately 1 litre (or about 1 kilogram in weight). Due to the need to transport the product over a long distance (the customer was in Iran), the customer needed the packaging to be durable and easy to pack.


The 1 litre chemical packaging was proposed in a wide-neck variant (for the easy dispensing of powdered substances) intended to be used with a top seal to guarantee freshness and non-tampering. The trial batch was shipped for lab testing at the customer's facilities. The customer was impressed with the look and quality of the package and was satisfied that the tests, which took place over several months, were successful. The client also tested competing packaging. Prices were negotiated, but everything showed that the customer was inclined to choose our solution.


The project was won. All indications are that long-term cooperation with a new client was established. By winning the project, Rebhan made its début in the Polish animal feed market.