Actions speak louder than words

Protecting the environment is becoming increasingly significant in our society. Due to clearly evident climate change and global warming, it is becoming ever more important to save our resources and employ technology that does not cause harm to the environment. Our company policy, therefore, is consciously oriented towards ensuring we cause as little impact to the environment as possible. We want to help create a sustainable system where our products can be produced without contributing to global calamity. The measures taken by each individual employee go beyond merely complying with legislation or codes of practice.

E. O. Wilson: "A Faustian choice is upon us: whether to accept our corrosive and risky behaviour as the unavoidable price of population and economic growth, or to take stock of ourselves, search for a new environmental ethic."

Rebhan's Energy Policy

At Rebhan, we have taken great care to introduce and adhere to a responsible energy policy.

The efficiency of our energy management system is audited and reviewed on a regular basis. In the long term, we intend to reduce our specific energy consumption and to improve our energy consumption efficiency in a continuous improvement process.

Our strategic and operative goals subscribe to an energy management system according to ISO 50001:2018 certification guidelines, in which:

- energy flows must be constantly recorded and updated
- energy saving measures are planned and introduced
- results of energy saving measures are evaluated at regular intervals
- planned activities aimed at improving our energy efficiency will be kept up-to-date

Relevant legal requirements and regulations are reviewed periodically in terms of their validity and relevance. We make every effort to apply renewable energy sources and to buy energy efficient products and services, provided they are economically viable.

Rebhan employees are actively involved in the implementation of our energy policy. Extensive communication, motivation, training, and targeted application of the continuous improvement process supports and promotes the energy-saving behaviours of all our employees.

Download Certificate EMS_50001-2011 here.

Quality Policy

Rebhan is committed to understanding and fulfilling the expectations of our customers.Part of this commitment is that those expectations are reflected in transparent business processes.
In Rebhan quality means that:

1)    Our processes enable us to inform the customers about the status of their requests or orders at any time.

2)    We work in a team and live a culture of communication and feedback in order to avoid disruptions and additional work, both in manufacturing and order processing.

3)    We ensure quality by the two-stage „Four Eyes Principle“. In the first stage by self-control of the manufacturing workers and in the second stage by independent quality assurance. In this way we create a bond between our own performance and our finished products.

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4)    The appreciation of our employees is an important aspect of ensuring/delivering quality.  

5)    We keep monitoring our processes in order to be able to meet future quality requirements as well.

Download Certificate 9001 here

Rebhan's Commitment to the Environment

We are reducing energy consumption and supporting energy-optimized processes

We feed any leftover material from the production process straight back into the machines in the recovered substance cycle

We re-granulate plastic waste ourselves and reuse it in appropriate processes

We use water-based lacquers and solvent-poor UV hardening screen printing inks

Our goal is to avoid waste or, if this is not possible, to reduce waste and recycle it in an environmentally responsible manner

We offer our customers non-impacting solutions, and we can process raw materials from renewable sources

We train our staff to follow environmentally sensitive procedures

We co-operate with official bodies, institutions and with special interest groups to find solutions

We want ecologically responsible policies, so that our children can enjoy an unspoilt environment

Member of GKV Code of Conduct

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