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Sustainable packaging lines with Certina Packaging's 5Rs

27 February 2020

Now in the mainstream, environmental responsibility for plastic packaging producers has opened up new opportunities for innovation. Single-use plastic is no longer an option therefore Certina Packaging has explored creative ways in which to extend the lifetime of its products.

Certina Packaging's Green Line is not just a line of products, but a sustainable approach for responsible packaging according to the company's 5R ethos: Reduce, Recycle, Reuse, Renew and Refill.

Reduce: New technology has enabled Certina to reproduce many of the company's well-known standards in lighter weight versions. This both reduces the amount of raw product required for production as well as reducing the carbon footprint for transportation.

In addition to reducing the weight of products, Certina Packaging company, Qualiform, provides high dry extract varnish all of its bottles which emits a reduced amount of volatile organic compounds which can be detrimental to human health as well as transforming into low-level ozone, a powerful greenhouse gas and recognized contributor to climate change.

  • Recommended Reduce products: Kyra light jars and Colonna bottles. The Kyra light jar benefits a material reduction of approximately 75% compared to the standard Kyra and the Colonna PET bottles are about 60% lighter than the Colonna GP bottles.

Recycle: Certina Packaging offers an extensive collection of packaging in HDPE and PET, the two materials that are most commonly recycled. To further facilitate the recycling of its products, the company has adopted carbon black-free dye, a new technology which allows black plastic to be recognized in recycling facilities so that it can now be recycled and reused.

  • Recommended Recycle products: Carbon black-free dye is available for all bottles and jars offered by Certina Packaging.

Reuse: One of the benefits for brands when choosing packaging produced in PCR is that they can choose the amount of post-consumer-recycled product incorporated as Certina Packaging offers PCR for PET and PE as up to 100% of the material for a bottle, with FDA certificate.

Helping to clean rivers, beaches and seas, Ocean plastic PET can also constitute up to 50% of the material, plus it can be used in combination with PCR plastic! Reused plastic can be recognized by consumers for its colour tinge as the incorporation of a higher percentage of PCR results in a stronger colour hue.

Renew: Bio-based polymers from renewable sources such as corn or cellulose offer comparable properties to non-renewable plastics. Certina Packaging users these polymers for PETG, PET, PE and PP products at varying percentages, helping to conserve the world's fossil resources.

Refill: Refillable packaging can extend the value lifetime of a product many times over. Consumers have long been reaping the advantages of refilling their smaller volume bottles when vacationing or travelling, whilst brands benefit from an extended presentation period for enhanced brand recognition.

Certina Packaging's custom refillable packaging solutions can be further tailored to the specific requirements of a brand by considering the company's long-, medium- and short-term branding prerequisites. Refillable solutions include wooden and ceramic shells for the company's standard bottles.

The combined offering by the Certina Packaging Group of companies ensures a significant selection of sustainable packaging lines that can be aligned to the brand values of any company through the 5Rs options.


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