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Beyond manufacturing

We can offer more than just production

Apart from providing excellent physical packaging for products, Qualiform also incorporates a number of value added services to each project mix.

Product Design

Right from the first contact with a new client, we learn everything we can about their design concepts and marketing needs. Our goal is to comprehend what their needs are as perfectly as possible. Once we have agreed to a set of requirements, our experienced team leaps into action to take the client through the process step-by-step and come up with the best possible solution to their needs. Whether the client is looking for a fully bespoke flacon, or a regular bottle that has been rendered unique through artful decoration, we always ensure the best quality available.

Project Management

One of our prime differentiating characteristics is our dedication to efficient and useful project management, it's the foundation of our service. We are able to take on as much or as little of the packaging project as the customer requires. Being a small and agile company, we have the advantage of being able to be in direct contact with our customers on a regular basis. This results in excellent communication, quick project turnaround, and an extraordinarily high level of product quality.

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We can offer guidance on any number of topics, including technical information, filling techniques, material selection, tool design, and everything else required to make sure a brand's packaging is perfect.

Packaging Consultation

Hand in hand with our project management capabilities, our ability to act as packaging consultants is one of our primary strengths. Our sales people rely on years of experience to be able to guide clients and advise them on prospective options. The process of buying packaging is a fully consultative process to us, rather than simply rote order-taking. Further, by engaging directly with client representatives, we remain grounded in the fact that business is about people, and that's part of the equation that should never be lost.

Technical Training

Apart from offering one-to-one technical guidance and training to our clients, we constantly develop new initiatives to foster professional education and bring our clients closer together. We are part of a tight knit community where competitors are more like friendly rivals. Getting small groups of four or five company representatives together, we conduct workshops looking at the latest technological advancements in production and decoration and discuss upcoming projects where they may prove of use. It's also a great way for everyone to keep in touch and to stay up to date on corporate events.

Quality Management

The core strength of our company is our product offering. By producing top quality merchandise, we ensure our reputation as a leading firm is justified. It is very important to us, therefore, to produce the highest quality packaging possible, guaranteeing customer satisfaction, long-term business, and word-of-mouth advertising. We engage in lean manufacturing, and our drive to reduce waste leads us to engage in a level of efficiency simply not found in many places.

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We have a protected clean room set to produce items at a specific quality level should it be required, but all our solutions undergo the same number of checks. In fact, we offer some of the most advanced quality control procedures on the market, where runs are tested hourly, after every production shift, during random sampling and periodic audits. Our reject rate is extremely low, given the size of our production capabilities.

Supply Chain Management

Our goal is to ensure our products arrive at the right place at the right time. To that end, we offer the ability to assist in managing every step of the process, and offer guidance at every stage that results in logistic transparency and our customers having a sense of safety and security. Our ability to manage suppliers, transportation, and distribution always leads to the most cost-effective and efficient supply chain possible. Everything is managed precisely and reliably because we understand that it is critical to get things right the first time.