Qualiform - About our company




Luxury packaging made in France

Qualiform produces high quality, easily customized, upscale cosmetic packaging products for prestigious companies worldwide. We offer a "Made in France" seal on everything we do, proud of our heritage and our commitment to excellence.

We believe that our company's continued success revolves around two primary advantages.

First, everything we do is based on clear and constant communication to ensure our team and our customers are completely coordinated. Our procedures result in no surprises in the development path of the project. For our clients, this provides an immense amount of security and underscores the fact that the project will get done on time and within budget.

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Second, we have an excellent team of professionals. The people at Qualiform enjoy a workplace that is cooperative and collaborative. Everyone can contribute to improve the business. The management team has been trained to be consistent and coherent with regard to operations and carrying out duties. We invest heavily in employee training and development, it leads to a great work environment. Our personnel feel professionally empowered to grow and learn and in return the company derives benefit from up-to-date, highly motivated team members. We constantly evaluate the various talents of our people and make sure to offer them the roles best suited to their skills and interests.

Both advantages, taken together, create a customer experience that is unparalleled in our industry. In line with our company values and focusing daily on our company motto, "Our product, your identity", we ensure that every piece we create is a work of art.