HK's Combi-Cap is twice as useful and twice as nice!


HK's Combi-Cap is twice as useful and twice as nice!

06 October 2020

HK Cosmetic Packaging, part of Certina Packaging, has launched the brand new “Combi-Cap”, an innovative closure solution with multiple uses. The 2-in-1 Combi-Cap can be used to combine two different products, or as a possible applicator for tubes. Comprised of two lightweight components, consumers can choose to keep the inner soft applicator screwed on to the tube for gentle application or keep it inside the overcap to be able to directly access the tube’s contents. The added bonus is that another product separate from the tube can even be stored in the cap!


This special new cap is ideal for a wide range of markets and products. For cosmetics and skincare products, a creamy product in the tube, such as moisturizer, could be combined with another complementary product, like a lip balm, balmy highlighter, or gloss in the cap. Or simply incorporate a soft sponge or brush into the Combi-Cap for gentle application of the main product inside the tube.


The Combi-Cap is also a great solution for a variety of household products. With the soft applicator, it is perfect for stain remover. Easy to slip into a suitcase, backpack, or purse, the stain remover can be applied directly from the tube and worked into the fabric with the product massager to remove the mark. HK’s Combi-Cap would also work wonderfully with shoe polish, combining the gloss or wax in the tube with a soft brush or applicator for easy touch-ups.


This 2-in-1, customizable cap works for a number of health care remedies as well. Complement an ointment with a gentle massager or brush to apply to a larger area; combine a tube of insect repellant with itch relief in the cap; or pair antiseptic cream with an analgesic balm to treat cuts and scrapes.


The Combi-Cap can even be used to make quick DIY packs at home, combining a brush for cleaning surfaces prior to treating them with glue or stain in the tube, or for other fun craft projects, like paint or glitter glue creations for the younger users.


And with its standard 22/410 neck, compatibility with most tubes is ensured. This unique cap is made up of a lightweight SAN plastic overcap and PP inner cap, both of which have a glossy finish and patterned area for easier opening.


The uses for the Combi-Cap are endless! Whether around the house, in a make-up bag, first-aid kit, or on the go, the Combi-Cap from HK Cosmetic Packaging is the perfect solution for countless product combinations and applications. A 2-in-1 cap that is twice as useful and twice as nice!


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