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The Certina Experience

Company synergy to bring you the best packaging solutions available

Certina Packaging

Certina Packaging is a global packaging leader, offering one-stop boutique service. We support you throughout the entire process from design selection and development all the way through to after-sale service.

We make sure to use the most appropriate and innovative materials for your cosmetic or personal care packaging. Brands can choose from our extensive array of decoration technologies to make their packaging truly unique, including silk screen printing, metallizing, lacquering, hot-stamping, and more.

Certina Packaging is comprised of three complementary companies: Rebhan Group (Germany and Poland), HK Cosmetic Packaging GmbH (Germany) and Qualiform (France).

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The primary benefit of working with Certina Packaging is access to complementary components from various companies. Customers can select a full packaging solution obtaining all the necessary components in one place.

• Location: 4 production sites, 560 employees 

• Markets: Masstige and prestige

• Products: Vast product range (see individual companies for details)

• Technology: Myriad transformation and decoration technologies

• Materials: Wide knowledge of materials

• Machinery: Full in-house production including complete decoration

HK Cosmetic Packaging

Serving cosmetic and personal care brands for over 100 years, HK offers a wide selection of single-, thick-, and double-wall jars, sticks, roll-ons, and several closures, all made in Germany.

• Location: Coburg, Germany

• Markets: Masstige and prestige. 80% standard, 20% custom

Products: Jars, closures, sticks, accessories

• Technology: IM, compression molding, decoration 

• Materials: SAN, PET, PMMA, PS, PP, Duroplast

• Machinery: 80 IM ,10 presses, 4 printing, 10 assembly, 8 hot stamping

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From elegant standard components to luxurious customized works of art, Qualiform provides packaging solutions to international beauty brands that are designed in France and in the US with a dedication to material innovation and aesthetic.

• Location: Oyonnax France

• MarketsPrestige and masstige. 85% custom, 15% standard

• Products: Flacons, closures, accessories  

• Technology: EBM, COEX, ISBM, decoration

• Materials: Glass Polymer, PET-G, HP-PE, PP, Green Line

• Machinery: 4 ISBM, 20 EBM, 6 silk-screening, 6 hot-stamping

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Rebhan Group

Totally innovative packaging solutions for cosmetic, chemical, and houseware products. Rebhan is a leader in Glass Polymer packaging, with a vast selection of bottles and accessories, as well as numerous decoration techniques.

• Location: Stockheim Germany, Poznan Poland

• MarketsMasstige and prestige. 60% standard, 40% custom

• Products: Flacons, bottles, closures, accessories

• Technology: EBM, ISBM, IBM, decoration

• Materials: Glass Polymer, Tritan, PET-G, PET, HD-PE, LD-PE, PP

• Machinery: 88 XBM, 11 printing, 2 assembly, 9 hot stamping. 1 lacquering, 2 vacuum met...

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