Qualiform - Environment



We are committed to creating sustainable packaging concepts through ethical, globally-minded business practices


Proactive environmental initiatives

Our commitment to the environment is a part of how we operate, not a separate and ostentatious initiative designed to draw attention. We believe that the best way to care for the environment is to be vigilant and proactive: to seek opportunities constantly for procedural improvement and to incorporate our team's respect for the planet into our way of working.

Hence, we take care to audit CO2 emission levels on projects and can provide a detailed summary for every project on which we work. These reports are available to our clients so they can clearly see how hard we're working to keep emissions down. It's also of benefit for them to work out how much we contribute to their own sustainability figures.

Every project we do, in parallel to our standard development and QC checklists, must undergo an aggressive list of tests directly related to ecological impact and sustainability. We can also offer clients the option of using bio-plastics at competitive market prices.

Apart from that, we believe that conservation begins at home. Our offices and vehicles are optimized for low energy consumption. In fact, as a company we have agreed to invest almost exclusively in machinery and infrastructure that are appropriate to lessening environmental impact, such as fully electric production machines, low consumption lighting, and optimized office heating/cooling systems.

Concern for the environment isn't just a PR opportunity to us, it's simply the right thing to do!

  • All our projects are audited to ensure they meet our rigorous standards for low CO2 emissions.
  • Conservation begins at home. We try to work conscientiously and avoid unnecessary waste.
  • Climate change is not a myth. We're all a part of our world so let's make sure we take care of it!