Creating a full solution for a difficult formula in 15 days



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Creating a full solution for a difficult formula in 15 days


Within the parapharmaceutical space, a lot of products are marketed related to skin hydration, sun care, or anti-ageing. Many of these formulations contain ingredients that are chemically aggressive, but appropriate for use by consumers for the purposes they describe. A client came to us with a need to create a piece of packaging for their skin care brand that had been used for nearly 200 years to treat all sorts of skin diseases and ailments. Initially, it was to be a simple PP bottle, which was relatively easy to produce.

What we discovered when we ran our own in-house compatibility tests was that the company's initial findings were incorrect: the product could not, in any way, be housed directly in PP. OOPS!


We ran several tests to determine where the chemical issues were and were pleased to discover that the initial problems could be solved somewhat easily. By co-extruding PP with EVOH, we were able to create a lovely, thin material that offered the softness and lightness of PP on the exterior, with a full interior made of EVOH, which was totally compatible with the product it would hold.
The job was critical to the customer, so we had to act quickly.

We extruded the double-layered material and made the switch on our production line. Prior to sending anything to the client we conducted extensive trials and we were confident that our COEX, layered solution was the right way to go. We made initial prototype samples and sent them off to the sponsor firm to review and validate the concept.


The customer received the samples and could not believe the result, or how quickly we had reacted to our findings. From first contact to delivery took a mere 15 days, in which testing had occurred, samples had been generated and sent, and final approval had been received. While production went into full swing, decoration options were finalized and were also done. We saved the customer substantial savings doing everything in-house, and lived up to our reputation as a one-stop shop where everything is handled quickly, efficiently, and professionally.