Qualiform - Parapharmaceutical solutions



This is a broad segment category covering many personal care products that are normally sold through pharmacies as they offer some sort or curative or restorative property yet don't require a full prescription.

We have successfully helped design and launch several leading brand lines, all of which are beyond the normal scope of personal care products. We have clean room facilities that ensure our packaging is produced in the correct environment for these sorts of products and we can ensure full compatibility, on-time delivery, and an unparalleled consumer experience. By creating a bespoke solution, your brand is sure to stand apart from the crowd.

Case Study

Creating a full solution for a difficult formula in 15 days


Within the parapharmaceutical space, a lot of products are marketed related to skin hydration, sun care, or anti-ageing. Ma...

Case Study

Suggested products for parapharmaceuticals