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Probably the most luxurious segment within the beauty space, we have created a vast array of solutions for well-known fragrance brands all over the world.

Most fragrance brands offer numerous complementary products associated with well-known perfumes and colognes. These are packaged in the sort of polymer containers we excel at producing, including body washes, aftershave creams, bubble baths, travel sprays, moisturizers, hand creams, and others. We perform some of the most exacting compatibility studies on the market to ensure fragrance-oriented products maintain their properties longer, and our ability to create bespoke items to round out brand offerings makes us a clear leader in the space.

Case Study

Using COEX machines to develop new Surlyn concepts


One of the world's most renowned fragrance brands approached us with a conundrum that had been unsolvable for over three yea...

Case Study

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